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        High performance cables and cabling solutions for residential, public and industrial buildings.

        低壓電力電纜  低壓火災預警電纜   低壓耐火電纜
        發熱電纜        太陽能電纜             電梯電纜 
        低壓扁平電纜  中壓電纜                CCTV電纜 
        局域網銅纜     局域網光纜             局域網綜合布線解決方案 
        局域網智能基礎設施管理               工業以太網和局域網 
        光纖到樓宇解決方案                     有源網絡系統和附件 
        光纖到戶、多處所解決方案           門禁電纜     

        遠程檢測電纜Telereport cable       CATV電纜

        • Low voltage power cable  suit  low fire-resistant cable  fire warning cable
        • Heating cable  solar cable  elevator cable
        • Low voltage flat cable medium voltage cable CCTV cable
        • LAN copper LAN cable LAN integrated wiring solutions
        • Management of industrial Ethernet and LAN  LAN intelligent infrastructure
        • Optical fiber to the building solutions Active network system and accessories
        • Optical fiber to the home, more space solutions Access control cable
        • Remote detection cable   Telereport cable, CATV cable

        • 低壓火災預警電纜LV fire-reaction cables

        • 這些無鹵電纜最大為 1kV,可防止火焰傳播,并且顯著降低煙霧排放以及危險、酸性和刺激性氣體,從而讓人有足夠的時間安全疏散。
        • Up to 1kV, these halogen-free cables prevent fire propagation and dramatically reduce
        • the emission of smoke and hazardous, acidic, and irritant gases, thus allowing people time to exit safely.

        • 低壓電力電纜 

        • 1 kV以下 的全系列標準電纜,用于住宅和公共建筑中的照明、加熱、空調等,并設計有特殊的護套,以便在苛刻的條件中使用。
        • A full range of standard cables up to 1 kV for lighting, heating, air conditioning, etc. in residen-tial and public  buildings,

        •  with special sheathing designed to survive in harsh conditions 

        • 低壓耐火電纜
        • 耐火電纜用于住宅、公共及工業建筑,能夠在火災期間,使火警信號、排空煙霧、照明及噴淋等設備繼續工作。
        • Used in residential, public and industrial buildings, fire-resistant cables allow fire alarms, smoke evacuation, lighting, sprinklers, etc. 

        •  to continue operating during a fire。

        • 電梯電纜 
        • Flat, continuous-length energy and control cables in PVC or halogen-free versions, these cables are delivered in easy-to-install kits, 

        • much appreciated by OEMs and repair companies.

        • 低壓扁平電纜
        • 220-1000 V cables provide a backbone into which junction boxes can be attached for quick, flexible and easy installation.
        • 中壓電纜
        • For large collective buildings and those with high energy needs, these 8.7-15 kV and 26-35 kV PVC cables also come in HFFR  versions for fire-protection, 

        • and chemically reticulated polyethylene versions to resist chemical attack and high temperatures. For automotive plants, ironworks, heavy industry

        • CATV電纜
        • These coaxial cables are used to deliver television and Internet to apartment blocks, hotels and clusters of small homes.

        •  A hybrid version combines coax with Cat 5 copper.

        • CCTV電纜
        • Developed for surveillance and security, can be delivered as a hybrid cable with a coaxial cable for video, plus two conductors for camera command.
        • Also, video over cost-efficient LAN webcams
        • 局域網銅纜
        • Provides Cat 5e, 6, 6a, 7 and 7a copper cables for horizontal LAN structures, along with connectors, cords, patch panels and all accessories.
        • 門禁電纜
        • Standard cables that give a simple on/off signal for doors, window frames, etc.
        • Also, sensor cables for motion detectors
        • 遠程檢測電纜
        • Telereport cable   A two-pair telephonic cable makes it possible to read an electricity counter from a distance. A new version is twinned with the LV drop cable.
        • Widely used by EDF (France)
        • 局域網綜合布線解決方案
        • More than just supplying cables, Nexans takes a systems approach providing both copper and fiber, along with connectivity, 

        • accessories and infrastructure management.

        • 工業以太網和局域網 

        •      We has developed a special category of copper and fiber LAN cables to bring Profinet and Industrial Ethernet solutions 

        •      to the special plant environment.